Teachers are an important part of kids’ lives. Being that the youth are the leaders of the future, they need to be properly molded and brought up so they might face the world with knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, and strength. These are a very small portion of the qualities teachers are expected to bestow upon our leaders of tomorrow. Teachers are expected to wear more hats than simply that of being an educator. They are the students’ parents away from home. They are expected to be nurses to the sick child, lawyers and police officers to the kids who can’t seem to get along. They are the pastors or moral leaders attempting to bring the kids up with proper values. 


For all the work they do, teachers often bemoan about the low pay and underappreciation that comes with the job. That’s why a few organizations have come up with awards for teachers to show them how much they are appreciated. These numerous awards range from having monetary value to advanced or additional certification, to a trip, and some even have all of the above. Here is a list of 5 of the best awards offered to teachers in the US, compiled based on usefulness in the field of teaching, range of eligible applicants, and exceptionality of the award.


Fulbright Distinguished Awards for Teaching


This award is open to the US and international K-12 teachers, guidance counselors, curriculum specialists, librarians, and other varying kinds of educators. Recipients of this award are given three to six months to take classes at an international university, participate in seminars, and complete a capstone project to expand their knowledge and polish their craft.


Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellowship


This award is open to US teachers and instructional coaches. Recipients of this award receive a one-year fellowship and a $3,000 stipend to put toward their craft.


National Board Certification


This award is open to educators with at least three years of teaching or school counseling experience. The winners are awarded an advanced certification, which encourages many school districts to offer an increase in salary.


Presidential Awards for Excellence in Math & Science Teaching


This award is open to K-6 math and science teachers, including computer science, with at least five years of experience. They are awarded a certificate signed by the US President, a paid trip for two to multiple recognition events and professional development opportunities in Washington, D.C., and $10,000.


Teaching Ambassador Fellowship


This award is open to PK-12 public school teachers with at least five years of experience. The reward is a one-year fellowship as a full-time paid Washington fellow or a part-time paid classroom fellow.